We pay $35 for publishing the application on Google Play
We provide a ready-made mobile application, detailed instructions and assistance on any issue
Why we don't register applications ourselves?
There are several reasons
For example, some developers are testing new application formats and do not want to risk their main account, some developers do not have time to cope with all tasks, including publishing, so they turn to our platform.
Additional income
No special skills required
Instant payout
Polite and quick support
Referral program for friends
Benefits of working with us
We have already published more than 1000 applications, our customers trust us, thanks to us they have learned what is a passive income
I've been working with this exchanger for several months, managed to publish a couple of applications and now I would like to share my opinion. I can note the first of the pluses is a fairly large number of orders, and secondly, quite well paid for the orders, thirdly, very fast payment, all comes on the same day, and fourthly, adequate and pleasant technical support. Sam long could not decide and start working with them, but once decided - do not regret it!
Great option to get passive income! I saw advertising in instagram, all you have to do is publish and update mobile applications, the payment is decent. Tasks clear, uncomplicated, to perform them, you need a minimum of time, you certainly will not become a millionaire, but a nice stable addition to the family budget will not hurt.
In fact, it's is not so complicated, you just need a Google account and a desire to earn money. You publish the application in Google Play, and then you wait for approval and crediting of funds. Then you can make extra money on application updates, but that is not limited, you will also drip $0,13 a day for the fact that your application is stored in the Market. The analogues of such sites have not met, I boldly advise!
I've found this site when I was looking for ways to make money on the Internet. At first it seemed like some kind of scam, but I read the reviews, contacted the people who wrote them, doubts disappeared. I tried it, there is nothing difficult in the tasks, the money earned is withdrawn without any problem. The only thing that confused me was the payment of the developer account, but I was compensated for it. Earned $40, withdrawn in 5 days.
What's the risk?
You pay for a Google developer account, we take this amount over and reimburse you in any case
Developed application
By providing you with a mobile application, we risk hours of programmers, designers, and other specialists work
"A little more complicated than a usual registration"
That's how our users describe this task. You need to have Google email and be able to take screenshots.
How to start
Пройдите простую регистрацию. Как правило, это занимает не более 2-х минут.
Для выполнения задания по публикации приложения вам необходимо иметь аккаунт разработчика. За создание аккаунта разработчика Google взимает сбор в размере 25$. Обращаем внимание, что наша платформа компенсирует пользователям данную сумму.
В каждом задании закреплена пошаговая инструкция с помощью которой вы легко справитесь с заданием.
После того, как приложение будет опубликовано в Google Play на ваш счет будет зачислено 3000 рублей. 1000 рублей это бонус за выполненное задание, а 2000 рублей это компенсация за покупку аккаунта разработчика.
Регулярно проверяйте новые задания на нашей платформе. За каждое обновление вам будет начисляться от 300 до 600 рублей.
Step 1
Step 2
Creating a developer account on Google Play
Step 3
Working with task
Step 4
Step 5
Waiting for a new tasks
1,5 minutes
During this time we will tell you how our platform works, how to take the first job and get your reward
We've already developed your application, are you ready to publish it?