About The Project
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About The Project
The freelance platform CashForApp is developed especially for those people, who are looking for extra income, who are always searching for new exciting tasks, and never stop there.

We believe that it is possible to build long-term work prospects with freelancers. The most important thing for us is quality, and only then quantity. We want freelancers to stay on our platform and take on new tasks again since we value the experience gained.

Freelancing teaches us to value time. That is why we try to create clear and understandable terms of reference. We become aware that the completed task success by 50% depends on the correct technical assignment set.

A freelancer needs to feel protected. Therefore, CashForApp provides only fair deals! We do not leave our users in trouble and always help find a solution.

We are always happy to see you on our website. We will be glad to hear your feedback about our project, which you can send to us on social networks or express on the corresponding page. May your activity on our freelance platform be successful! Thank you for trusting us!

Why can't we publish apps on Google Play ourselves?
The promotion and monetization of third-party applications on Google Play are also items of the areas of our company's activity. We help all-world developers to raise their apps in the search engine, increase organic installs and the number of interested users.

At the first stages of work, the developer sends us the finished APK file with the application. Our task is to upload this application on Google Play and then optimize it. There are significant risks of keeping all applications on one account. If one of the applications is removed from publication by Google moderators, then there is a risk that the developer's account will be blocked. We are responsible to developers for the safety of their applications, and according to the work terms, we cannot download all applications to one account. For this reason, we actively attract users to our service and give them a real opportunity to earn money and feel like a real mobile developer.

After the application has successfully loaded, we move on to its optimization. Our assignment includes raising the application to the TOP so that as many users as possible download it. When the app starts to gain popularity, we start monetizing it. Thanks to advertising inside the application, the developer receives income, and we, in turn, receive a commission.

What is the task contain?

Publishing tasks contain:

1. Creation of developer account in Google Play;

On this step, you will need to create a developer account with the help of our step by step instruction.

You can use your own Gmail account or create a new one. But note that the account must be registered on the real person and have the same personal data as a passport or driving license (Name, surname, etc.). If this condition is not met, you won't be able to fulfil the task. More details about the account you can find here.

2. Publishing of the application;

When you create your developer account, you will receive access to the publication of apps. Follow the step by step instruction for publishing app.

The app is already developed, and all you need to do is to publish it.

Update task includes changing of some elements of the application (icon, text, screenshots)

Google Play developer account
To fulfil the task, you will need the accurate developer account in Google Play. To make sure your account fits:

- Check that the Gmail account has the same Personal data as the passport or driving license. If it hasn't – correct the data and get back to the task;

- Pay the developer account fee;

Payment is made on Google website in the amount of 25$. Our service is NOT taking payments.

Amount of 25$ will be accrued on your account and will be available to withdraw after you fulfil your first task.

- Attach a screenshot of the payment to the task so we would be able to compensate
- Verify your account with your passport or driving license;

After the verification, you will be able to publish apps from your account.

Attention: We do not collect any of your personal data, and you don't need to pay or send anything to us. All payments and data verification is done on the Google website.
Do I have to develop the app?
No. You don't have to develop the app.
We provide a completely finished application.
Application moderation and task verification
After you are done publishing the app, it will have to go through the Google Play moderation. It tales form 3 up to 7 days. If no problems occur, the app will be published, and we will be able to verify on compliance with the task. It takes from 2 up to 5 days. After that, your reward will be available to withdraw.
How many tasks I can fulfil and how often new tasks appear?
On our service, you can complete one publishing task and from 1 to 10 update tasks.

Publishing tasks that are available are almost all the time.

Update tasks will be available in 10-30 days after fulfilment of the publishing task.
Will I have my 25$ for developer account back?
Yes! You will have your 25$ for developer account back as soon as you finish the first task. We will check your screenshot with debit and credit your balance with an amount equal to your debit.
Will I get the bonus if the app didn't go through the moderation?
If you fulfilled the task, but for some reasons the application didn't pass the moderation (it was rejected and blocked) you will have to contact our support and describe your situation.

We will study the situation and do our best to get the app back.

If there is no way to get the app back, you will receive 30% of the bonus and 25$ compensation for the account.
Marathon – is the system of additional bonus accrual. Marathon starts after completing the task and passing all the moderations and verifications.

For every day of app been in Google Play system will add 10p to your account. Longer the app stays in the Google Play – more money you will be able to earn.

This bonus is available to withdraw right after accruals.
Can I have more than one account?
No. You are forbidden to have more than one account. But if members of your family have Gmail accounts and you have several PC or laptops at home, you can use our service for one account = 1 PC.