Earnings from publishing mobile apps
Publish the finished mobile app on Google Play and get $25 for it
Sign up
Complete a simple registration process. It usually takes no more than 2 minutes.
Step 1
Creating a Google Play developer account
You must have a developer account to complete the task of publishing the app. Google charges a $25 fee to create a developer account. Please note that our platform reimburses users for this amount.
Step 2
Performing a task
Each task has step-by-step instructions that will help you easily cope with the task.
Step 3
Every uploaded app is checked by Google moderators. This ensures that all apps that are published on Google Play are safe for their users.
Step 4
Withdrawal of funds
After the application is published on Google Play, $50 will be credited to your account. $25 is a bonus for the completed task, and $25 is compensation for the purchase of the developer's account.
Step 5
Expect new tasks
Regularly check for new tasks on our platform. For each update you will receive from $5 to $10
Step 6
How to start
After watching this video, you will be able to get acquainted with our service and find answers to many questions. Don't worry, it will only take a couple of minutes!
Publish apps on Google Play